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Savings , in any form, are always helpful. A lot of people around the world witness chronic illness in their family, they mess up the harmony and wellbeing of the family if they are out of savings. Savings can keep your family together at the time of crisis. You can choose to be the hero of your family by providing them financial assistance through savings or investment plans that can be used when you get sick. A guaranteed savings looks after your family even when you are gone. You can take care of them forever and choose to give them a stress free life. There are several ways through which you can save for your future but it is always helpful if you can save more money that is tax free. A tax free savings account is for everyone.

TFSA allows you to save $6000 in a year without taxes on investment growth. With TFSA, you may be saving for a marriage or to use it later in your life, you can choose to withdraw as per your requirement. TFSA is a great way of saving tax free for the future.It is important to make some kind of saving in your life, because there is no guarantee that the time will stay the same forever.

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Who needs a Tax free savings account?

A person who wants to make sensible savings that can be used for any emergency arising in his life in future.

If you are looking to save in a tax free account and increase your retirement funds beyond the amount in your RRSP.

If you want to save money in your savings account against the taxes.

If you already have crossed your limit of saving in an RRSP account.

How much can you contribute to a TFSA ?

In a tax free savings account you can save upto $6000 per annum. Now you can contribute less as per your income or other commitments. TFSA has no set limit on minimum contribution, you can build your savings over the years. For example: if you were over 18 years of age in 2010 and you did not contribute anything till 2020 , then you can save upto $63500 in 2020.

What happens if you contribute over your limit in a year?

The CRA will assess 1% penalty per month on the total amount of your contribution in your TFS account.

The Canadian revenue agency will confirm the unused limit on your account every year and can be read under the “My Account” section in your account on CRA website.


The tfsa are exceptional accounts which are only available to the Canadian citizens, with a lot of benefits like:

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In a traditional saving account, interest which would be less than 1.05 % on your savings.

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In a high interest savings account interest is offered over 1.05 %. Unlike tax free savings accounts the income tax will be charged in this account on the interest that you get on your amount in it. A high interest savings account is a non registered account and you may not get as high interest as you expect in your short term savings goal.

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Now you can always make your savings in a RRSP. In an RRSP, you will get tax free contributions but you will have to pay the taxes if you withdraw funds before retirement. The tax that you will pay on it will be based on the tax bracket in which you fall at that time. Now saving for your retirement is good but if you want to make further savings above your limit set in RRSF. You can make minimum monthly contributions towards TFSA instead of keeping all of your finds at one place. In this case you do not have to break your only retirement funds before time if need arises as well as protects you from paying taxes on withdrawal.

Whatever you want to save for, whether it's a destination wedding, buying a new home, building up an office, or a dream vacation; TFSA can help you in reaching your goals faster. An advisor can help you by fitting TFSA in your financial picture so that you can make investments accordingly and use this powerful saving tool to protect your future and fulfill your dreams. CCFD allows you to choose the best advisor who will detail you about the tax free savings account and help you build a secure and financially stable future.

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