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RRSP ( What is an RRSP)?

RRSP also known as a registered retirement savings plan is a savings account that allows you to make savings for your retirement with special tax advantages on it. RRSP will include investments like bonds, contracts, guaranteed interest products, segregated funds, treasury bills, mutual funds and equities. You can also invest in guaranteed investment fund contracts also known as RRSP.

A secure investment plan that will help you to live stress free after retirement is essential in today's world. A lot of us live in a hand to mouth situation, but still taking out some money to invest in a plan that is fail proof and gives you guaranteed returns becomes essentially important. Now comes a question, why to save?

A person saves so that he can take care of his family in case of crisis. Our life is surrounded with amenities but at the same time we need some backup in case of a misfortune. RRSP is my amazing tool for savings because you will get tax deductions on your savings. You will not have to pay any taxes on the savings unless you take that income out. Now tax deduction means you have more income available to fulfill your current needs. Now you have more money to use it in other saving plans.

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    What are the requirements and rules surrounding RRSP?

    RRSP investments are regulated by the Canada revenue agency, which takes care of the tax laws for the government. The rules governing RRSP investments will include:

    Who can start an RRSP

    What contribution can an individual make in a year?

    How to withdraw money from RRSP investments?

    What investments can be included in RRSP?

    When closed, RRSP needs to be changed into registered retirement income funds

    Age limit for RRSP?

    There is no minimum age limit on RRSP. As long as a person has an employment income and is paying his taxes every year, he is eligible to contribute and set up for RRSP but there is a maximum age in RRSP, which is 71 years. An individual needs to close his RRSP at the end of the calendar year once he turns 71. Now you have 3 options when you reach the age of 71 years:

    You can close your investment and withdraw entire amount

    Use your RRSP savings to buy an annuity

    Transfer RRSP into RRIF(registered retirement investment funds)

    How much investment can you make in an RRSP?

    You can make a contribution to your RRSP every year. The amount that your contribute towards your fund should be the lesser than

    18% of total income earned in previous year, or

    the maximum amount as given by the Canadian revenue agency for year in question

    If you are not able to contribute 18% in a particular year, you can carry it forward in future years so that you do not lose on your RRSP investments.
    The CRA gives you an estimate for the contribution room they have for the coming year after assessment. Contributions have to be made within the tax year or in the first 60 calendar days of the calendar year to qualify for deduction in tax for the previous year.


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    In this type of plan only a registered individual can contribute for investment. The amount paid in your investment against RRSPis tax deductible, only when you take out the amount on its closure, you will be eligible to pay for taxes. If you have retired before its closure then you will be in a lower tax bracket which will assure leeser taxes. If you transfer company created registered pension into RRSP then it will change into a locked RRSP, which cannot be withdrawn.

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    You can choose a RRSP in favor of your spouse. In this, you can either contribute to your or your spouse’s RRSP within your allowed limit of contribution. The limit for your spouse in this case will stay unaffected. After retirement, your spouse can take from your income from her/his RRSP which will be taxable at an individual rate.

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    In this RRSP, different employees of the company contribute to RRSP. Members of RRSP will benefit from lower management and administration fees than applicable on an individual plan. The amount can be contributed through payroll deductions allowing you to make investment all year long. But again, you need to stay within your contribution limit which is mostly 18% of your total income in the previous year.

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    CCFD allows you to choose the right RRSP plan that fits your needs. The plan can be compared with just a click right from your computer/laptop.

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