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Registered education savings plan is a wonderful way to save for your child's education and grant him a secure future. This saving plan can be used by family members friends and grandparents to support education for their grandkids. In a registered education savings plan you can save upto $50000 per kid. The savings you make in this account are tax free unless you withdraw them.

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    It is an earnest dream for every parent to give his kid the kind of education he deserves. If you are looking to support your child in his education it is important that you start saving beforehand because education today is not cheap. Unless you have a gifted child who will get admission on a scholarship, you need to make sure that you have enough funds to support his education. Education is one of the greatest tools that you can provide to your child so that he can understand, explore the world and learn to be smart. If you do not provide the right kind of education to your child, there are more chances that he won't end up in a good job. His future is based on your decisions, his quality of education will determine how much he is able to earn in his future. If you do not want your child to struggle in his later years to earn his livelihood, then you must have a saving plan for him through which you can support him in his education.

    Along with the tax exemption that you get on the savings that you make in this account you will also receive a 20% contribution from Canadian education savings grant on RESP. Canada education saving grants up to 500 Dollars a year or a maximum of $7,200 for every child for his lifetime on this account. If you have a lower family income and plan to start this account then you may even receive more amount from the government. The amount you will receive from the government is decided by your real income as well as many other factors that are decided by the government itself.


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    In this type of account the account holder can make one or more children as beneficiary. The person whom you choose as a beneficiary must be related to you. If you add more than one beneficiary then they must be siblings to one another. You can also choose to nominate grandchildren,adopted children and your kids in this plan If your eldest kid is not going to a post Secondary School under any circumstances you can always transfer the money to other beneficiaries. You can use the entire amount on one kid or can split the payment among different children

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    Individual registered education savings plans can be opened by anyone. You don't have to be a parent to open this account. There is no particular age limit to open this account for yourself or any other person. By opening a registered education savings plan, you can save as much you want for your future kid or for yourself. Savings in all forms are appreciated and used in the time of crisis. Even if you have enough money to support your child’s education, opening a saving plan could help you in providing him financial support once he is out of college and wants to start his own business.

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    What makes you the right candidate for mortgage?

    The lenders will look at the credit score of the buyer to decide if he is the right candidate for the mortgage. Your credit score will speak for your financial health and tell the lender about the risk involved. The credit score is calculated between 300-900 points. A person with a score of 700 or above will help you in getting the mortgage easily. A lower credit score shows that you haven't handled your previous installments well; the lender may consider this as a risk and may not give you the loans or lower the amount for you.

    Your credit score is given by the credit reporting agency also known as credit bureaus. The credit score is issued by banks, credit unions, retailers, credit cards, etc. The two main companies that take care of your credit score in Canada areTransUnion and Equifax Canada. These agencies will give you a free credit report every year but you can have a look at it anytime with a small fee.

    Why consider RESP?

    If you want to make sure that your child gets the best of the education and has equal opportunity to get post secondary education then opening a registered education savings plan is essential.

    If you wish to to give benefit of Canada education saving Grant to your grandchildren or children.

    If you feel it's a great idea to set up a text efficient account in which family, friends and relatives can contribute to a child account on special occasions like birthday parties, etc.

    RESP Is an excellent way to save for your child, whether you are still unmarried, planning for a child or already have a child; saving for your child will help in securing his future as well as will take some worry off your mind. Having enough funds to support your child is important because education in the best colleges and schools do not come at the low cost. You need to be prepared in advance so that you can use these funds to support your child's Secondary Education.

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