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Advances in the medical field have improved the survival rates for people suffering from critical illness like stroke, heart disease and cancer. If you look around yourself you will find many people who have survived cancer and similar chronic diseases. Recovery in such cases is hugely dependent on the immune system as well as strength of the human being. Recovery will also come at a financial expense for the sick and his family members. Hospital bills are not easy on your pocket.

They can take a huge toll on your life and can break your financial stability. When your savings go into hospital bills you have less money to survive and in this emotional time your family would be sacrificing for your health too. Taking away the comfort and luxury that you provided to your family throughout your life at the time of your sickness is the last thing that you would want to do. Therefore it is essential that you ensure yourself against critical illness. If you become sick, your illness will be covered by this insurance, you will get lump sum cash payment or your nominee will get the benefits in case of a death. With critical illness insurance you can decide how you want to spend the money as you get it in the form of cash in hand.

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    Why should you choose critical illness insurance?

    Insurance is one of the best investments that you can make in your life. Whether it is a long term insurance or protection against critical illness, insurance will always help you in reducing your financial burden and keeping your family together at the time of crisis.

    Critical illness insurance helps in taking off your financial burden when you are coping with illness.

    It also reduces your burden of lost income while you are sick.

    It also promises stress free recovery, when you decide to take time off your work and take care of your health

    It is always an additional help for you and family in this emotionally stressful time.

    With critical insurance, you can choose to get the best medical treatment available without considering the financial factor.

    You can easily choose the best critical illness insurance plan online and at the same time compare different plans in just a single click. By comparing online plans you can discover which plant suits your needs and is easier to pay for. CCFD gives you the best insurance quotes to choose from so that you can live a stress free life. Financial guarantee and backup at the times of crisis allows you to live a stress free life.

    How do I apply for Critical Illness Insurance?

    You can choose between different available plans that provide you a cover for over 7 common life threatening conditions.

    You can get instant online approval without any medical or blood work.

    You can choose how much cover your insurance plan provides online and can also compare it with other plans available.

    Who should choose a critical insurance plan?

    If you want to protect your family against the risk of unexpected illness through an insurance plan that will cover higher costs of treatment; then a critical insurance plan is for you. If you are 18 to 65 years of age and want to have a broader range of cover against illnesses and diseases; you should choose a critical illness insurance plan. If you want security and protection for your children and grandchildren against any kind of critical illness in future; then choosing a critical insurance plan is the best decision you can make.

    None of us are protected against chronic diseases. We live in a society where we eat out, drink and have fun. There is no guarantee that if you take the best care of your health and feed your body with the best of nutrition; you will not fall sick. Critical illness can occur to anybody regardless of age and gender. It is something that is not in your control but what you can control is securing your future against it. You cannot let a critical disease rule your life and destroy your dreams for the future. Through a critical illness insurance plan you can get financial assistance and can still work towards fulfilling your dreams. An insurance plan will cater for hospital bills and other expenses that you will incur during your illness. Financial help through an insurance plan will also take care of your family and they are expenses. it will give you the freedom to recover stress free, take care of your life and get back to it without using your life’s savings.

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