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CCFD is Canada’s leading progressive financial service provider. People save up to 60% with CCFD’s presenting online insurance plans. We are a direct, individual brokerage and unlike banks we provide amazing offers and deals that you won’t get anywhere else. Whether you plan to get life insurance , car or house insurance, our insurance plans arecompetitive, provide better coverage and value for money.

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Top Canadian Edmonton Financial Services


such as insurance cover for liability, property, health, disability, etc and creating generational wealth. You can trust our process to invest the right insurance and investment that provides comprehensive coverage and wealth creation to you in the comfort of you home .

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We are financial service provider, which means we will do the work for you. Our clients to speak to us directly, they tell us about their needs and we search the best plan that fits all their requirements.

Choose What Suits You

The amazing part about choosing CCFD’s brokerage plan getting best value for your investment. Since we work with insurance companies, we have complete knowledge of their ongoing offers, even the offers that are just given to their special clients. We have information of different plans and their respective value and application, nothing is hidden from us. We; unlike the insurance companies will not hide anything from you; hence saving you from any catch or undisclosed information.

Provide Complete Coverage

We make sure every aspect of your insurance is fully understood and gives complete coverage. We will also inform in detail the cases wherein your insurance will not work, which is hardly done by the banks and insurance companies. We have no intention of selling any particular insurance plan or company that is why our interest is fully vested in what suits our customers the best.


With CCFD, you will not regret just any insurance plan, whether you wish to understand a particular insurance from one brand or several plans and benefits offered by different companies, we explain everything explicitly. This helps us in creating a healthy relationship with our clients and gives you a chance to make the right investment for your life, property or business.

With so many insurance companies emerging overnight, it is important to choose the best in the business. Also trusting any new insurance company becomes both tempting and risky. CCFD does the research work for you by cutting the fraud ratio and giving you the protection and coverage you deserve from your insurance plan. We work with the best insurance companies in Canada. Therefore, we have the information about all their plans, even the ones that are not listed online. Hence choosing us over an insurance company or bank is always a smart decision.

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In the contemporary times today, everything involves risk. You analyze any scenario, there will be some or the other risk involved. One has to have a certain sense of security when we talk about risks. Insurance comes to one’s rescue in such setups. Insurance is a type of compensation in the form of a policy, in which reimbursement is provided to an individual or an organization incase of any loss. The insurance companies come in picture when we talk about insurance. There is a legal agreement between two parties i.e the company (insurer) and the recipient of the insurance i.e the individual (insured). The agreement promises to help the individual recover the loss bore by him/her. The loss can be in the form of death, loss of property or any other damage. The contract, in the form of a policy, carries all the relevant information about the terms and conditions regarding how the insurance procedure will be carried out.



The simplest and the most basic plan, Life Insurance, guarantees financial safety for your family members post the death of the policy holder during the policy term. There are many reasons to grab hold of the Life Insurance plan. Firstly, if the family member/s are dependent on the primary earner, right after his/her death, it becomes absolutely troublesome for the family to meet the financial errands. It gives a sense of monetary security to the members of the family and can make up for some of the major expenses like educational fee etc. Secondly, the very nature of it makes Life Insurance very affordable and accessible to people. A 30 year old can easily avail up to a maximum of 20 years term policy by paying affordable premiums. Lastly, other benefits prove to be a bonus when it comes to Life Insurance plan. Ones who avail permanent Life Insurance plans, can avail cash benefits or cash value surrender, which is an addition to the death benefits. Also, Life Insurance plans can help you lead a stable life post retirement if planned properly.



Distance between family members can be extremely painful and heartbreaking. There are few, thankfully, who empathize with the pain. Canadian Government in 2011 took a great initiative to breach the distance by introducing the Super Visa which helps the parents /grandparents of the permanent residents of Canada to reside with them for up to two years. Super Visa Insurance can help them cover the entire cost stay in Canada. One can buy Super visa Insurance from a Canadian Insurance Company and should cover the medical insurance and a maximum cover of CAD $100,000.



Life comes with unforeseen situations and risks. We hardly know the turn of events that awaits one. In order to cover one such situation of any unpredictable mishap, there is an insurance plan known as the Disability Insurance Plan. The plan works for those who face such challenging times where the breadwinner or any other working individual of the family meets with an accident, consecutively developing a disability. The disability can also be a result of any critical illness. In cases like these, the DI promises to reimburse not just the medical expenses but also covers a portion of the income missed due to the reason of not working during that period. The plan ensures that the concerned individual gets the total sum insured incase of permanent or full disability. Cases where there is a partial disability, the policy covers a percentage of the sum insured. So it is always better to prepare well in advance for any such situation.

How Insurance Helps When One Falls Prey To Critical Illness

Today when we are surrounded by chronic diseases , it is only fair to have our share of security. Despite of the fact that one strives to keep fit by exercising, eating healthy and gets routine checkups done, it does not guarantee any prevention from the diseases which can turn out to be critical in the long run. There can be different reasons like genetics, age-factor or even communicable diseases in some cases can be a cause of serious ailments which can also prove to be fatal. Other than battling out the ailment alone, which could be emotionally draining for the individual as well as the family, the critical illness can also burn a huge hole in your pocket for the diagnosis and the treatment can be pretty expensive.

Critical Illness plan (CI) comes to the rescue here. It is a type of health insurance plan which promises to pay the lump sum amount to the insured at the time of any critical illness . It can help one in the treatment process as well as provide the cost of the medicines and recuperation cover. The recipient gets the full sum insured in a CI plan. The CI plan can cover a multitude of ailments ranging from coronary diseases to strokes, cancer to kidney failure, paralysis etc. The chances of acquiring a critical illness are more if one has a family history, age factor etc. The treatment and other costs can be excruciatingly painful and can have a major impact on the family. The CI plan can start from 1 lakh and beyond.

The Conditions to claim the Sum Insured

One cannot claim the sum insured under the Critical Plan without having the ailment diagnosed. Specific tests are done to detect the ailment by a reliable and authentic source. The ailment if and when confirmed , gives the policy holder the right to claim the amount. It is to be noted that the CI plan does not give reimbursement for hospitalization charges.

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Ever thought of putting money in a plan or account, which gives you benefits or monetary appreciation? Isn’t it a great idea to put something, which is not of use today but can help you generate income or help you rake in money later. The goal is to put some good or money with the objective of expanding wealth for future. If you are a Canadian resident and plan to choose the best investment plan that suits your profile then you must consider some of the plans explained below. It is quite natural that in the ever-baffling options today, choosing the best investment plan or the brokerage can be quite tedious. So here is a brief of the various investment plans that the government of Canada provides to its residents.


Registered Educational Savings Plan is a lucrative plan, which is a blessing in disguise for the residents of Canada. The plan allows the Canadian residents to invest in the future of their children, post secondary education. What is even more wonderful about the plan is that even the Canadian government pitches and contributes a certain amount. The age limit for the children to avail the plan is under 18 years . RESP is very simple to understand and invest. The contributor for the plan could be anyone under the sun- parents, relatives, a distant cousin or a guardian, who is ready to invest and who has the Social Insurance Number of the beneficiary. Another feature of a RESP is that it can be only be transferred to a sibling and not anyone else. Not only is the plan fruitful for a child’s education which is indeed very noble in itself but it also gives various benefits as well. Some of the pros of RESP are: Tax Savior One advantage of RESP is the fact it can actually save you from paying other taxes. If you invest in this plan, the Canadian government, as a measure to encourage such plans, which are beneficial for a child’s education, exempts you from paying various other taxes. It is an asset for you child and leaves a lot of scope for your planning.


As the name suggests, the plan above is an investment plan for the retired employees of Canada. The plan is for the retired personnels who can enjoy tax-free savings until withdrawal of the money. The plan commenced in 1957 as a part of the Income Tax Act. The RRSP contributors can avail maximum benefit from this plan as the Canadian government allows them to defer paying the taxes up until their retirement. After they retire, the marginal tax rate will be less than what they would have paid in their working years. This plan encourages saving funds for retirement, which can help the contributors, lead a relaxing life post retirement. Types of RRSP An Individual RRSP Somebody who can both contribute and is an account holder takes an individual RRSP. A Spousal RRSP Spouse Registered Retired Saving plan can be enjoyed by both the spouses. Out of the two individuals, the high-income earner spouse can be the contributor and Contribute in the Spousal RRSP. It gives even retirement income to both the partners and both enjoy the marginal rate benefits post their retirement. A Group RRSP If you have an organization or a company and you want to give the benefit to a set of employees, then you should go for Group RRSP. Payrolls fund the contribution for the same. The primary advantage for considering this plan is the fact that it aids tax saving immediately. RRSP can be readily availed by anyone, the only parameters are that one has to be under 71 years of age , be a Canadian resident and be a tax payer.


Tax free Saving account, also referred as Savings Account aids tax free gains. It is an amazing plan for those who are 18 years and older and who have a social insurance number. Is in an opportunity for them to save money, which is tax-free. To make it sound pretty simple, TFSA is a kind of a stem from which many other investment branches shoot out- mutual funds, stocks, bonds and even cash savings. The account was brought into picture by the Canadian government in 2009 with a purpose to facilitate the saving process. If you deposit your money in TFSA, you needn’t do anything else but wait and watch. It is very dynamic when compared with other plans in the sense that one can withdraw money at any point of time without having to pay any tax. Of course there are contribution limits and the limit varies from year to year. The government doesn’t want you to exceed the limit. If you happen to overpay by any chance, there is a penalty of 1%. Advantages and Limitations of TFSA This plan has its own share of pros and cons. The plan is definitely advantageous and is also referred as ‘tax-advantage account’. The government does not impose any tax on savings for things like buying a new house or just putting money aside for your retirement. Just because the plan is very lucrative, people do tend to go wrong with it. In the enticing plan to save more, people open more than one account and become oblivious of the contributions. This can lead an individual to pay penalty of 1% per month incase of over contributing.

Insurance is the financial security that you buy for yourself to cover any kind of miss-happening that you may face in the world in your future. Insurance comes in several forms but essentially everything comes down to the same thing, which is getting paid for your losses. When you buy insurance your payments will go to an underwriter particularly an insurance company who will guarantee pay out to you or your nominee in case of personal or financial loss. There are several types of insurance plans to choose from and the pay out you will receive in case of a misfortune will depend upon the kind of insurance you choose and the cover it provides.

In simple words you buy your safety from an insurance plan. There are many things that we cannot control in our life. An accident, stolen car, laptop, burglary or a terminal illness at the time when you least expect it are to name a few. In all of the above scenarios insurance policies will help you in sharing your financial burden so that your family can lead a stress free life in case such misfortunes happen.



As the name suggests in this auto insurance provides cover for your car. A car and the person driving in it is always at the risk of meeting an unfortunate accident. You may be driving safe within the permitted speed, but still may meet an accident. Every territory and province in Canada has slight differences on what kind of car insurance is compulsory and optional. Having car insurance is a must in Canada. It helps you in sharing financial responsibilities in case of an accident. In Manitoba, British Columbia, Quebec, you need to have car insurance either through a private or a public Insurance Company. Now when you go to buy a car from a car company, they will also help you in choosing the right kind of insurance for you. But at the same time, it is easy to browse through public or private companies to get car insurance on your own. According to the condition of your car whether you are buying it second hand or new you can pick the extra cover as well as endorsements using a private insurance company. Through a private insurance company you can compare various insurance quotes and can pick the one with the lowest rates to get maximum buck for your car insurance.


Home Insurance protects your house against calamities and natural destructions. A lot of people live in areas that are prone to tornadoes or even tsunamis, these people should make sure that their house is insured against all odds so if anything bad happens; they can get money back for their house. Even if you are not living in a calamity prone area you need to get house insurance because it is a protection, security that you buy for your loved ones so that they can always have a roof over their head. Home insurance is not regulated federally or provincially. You can only use private insurance to buy the best quote for home. You can choose it on an online website by comparing different insurance policies. Home Insurance will not only protect your house against destruction, but will also protect it against any theft or fire.


Life Insurance is one of the best investments of your life. It is very important to buy life insurance to keep mental security in case of crisis. We live our life on the edge and are never sure what future has in store for us therefore it makes absolute sense to buy insurance that will cover your life against all odds. Life insurance policies provide different kinds of covers that will protect you against sickness, terminal illness or death. You can even choose insurance plans that you can convert into guaranteed funds. There are several different plans of insurance that you can choose from. CCFD can help you in choosing the right insurance plan that will protect you and your family in case of crisis.


You can very easily buy insurance policies online in Canada. You can choose the best quote from the comfort of your home, and also compare different quotes with a click of a mouse. Life Insurance policy gives you the security of buying it online; at the same time it saves time and money. In case you are not clear on anything you can always call the customer care to brief you about the product and clear your doubts before you go ahead and complete the formalities of buying an insurance plan online.


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