Friday, 02 August 2013
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  • WHAT WE ARE DOING NEXT - A National Constitutional Assembly

Political reforms are more achievable today than they were when the Citizens Centre started three years ago. Public opinion has begun to shift.

But the Constitutional barrier remains. Even a Harper majority cannot make unilateral fundamental changes. We must help prepare Canadians to reform the Constitution.

For it is only in the Constitution that freedom and responsible government meet.

To stimulate national discussion, the Citizens Centre has organized a major public assembly at the Calgary Westin Hotel this fall, from September 29 to October 1.

It will be called the Calgary Congress -- Restoring Responsible Government

Featuring some of Canada’s best political and economic thinkers, it will try to establish a short list of basic principles for constitutional reform:

● Reducing the cost of government.

● Enhancing provincial control of the federal spending power.

● Strengthening federalism through Senate reform.

● Creating democratic counterbalances to the growing power of the Courts.

After the Calgary Congress, the Citizens Centre will propose these principles to the Government of Alberta, to be presented to Canadian governments as a constitutional amendment -- changes the federation has a deadline of three years to approve or reject.

Media interest in this remarkable event is already rising, months in advance.

As Margret Kopala noted in the Ottawa Citizen (“Alberta Will Test Harper,” June 3, 2006),  “It's a dangerous game that could instead result in defederation [i.e. western separatism]. But the timing does seem auspicious for Alberta…”

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