Saturday, 03 August 2013
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About the Citizens Centre Print E-mail

● Organized media coverage for the farmers jailed in Lethbridge for selling wheat illegally, an event which attracted critical international attention to the Canadian Wheat Board monopoly.

● Organized coverage for retired Alberta sergeant-at-arms Oscar Lacombe’s defiance of Ottawa’s gun registry, drawing international attention to the issue.

● With the Alberta Residents League, brought province-wide pressure on the Alberta government to exercise its constitutional right to opt out of the Canada Pension Plan and create a provincial alternative.

● Mounted a national billboard/e-mail/website campaign for a national referendum to decide the legal meaning of the word “marriage.”

● Mounted a national newspaper/e-mail/website campaign to investigate corruption in the Liberal government.

● Organized the successful Senate election campaign of our chairman, Link Byfield, to help keep public attention focused on the need for constitutional reform of Parliament’s Upper House.

● Written and published over 150 weekly media columns focusing on the need for national and constitutional reform.

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