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A better way to fix Canada Print E-mail
Thursday, 01 December 2005

How other governments would probably react

Remember, there is a three-year deadline for the amendment to be accepted, altered or rejected. It can’t drag on forever.

There is much on this list that all provinces would like, such as control over their own internal development.

The four “have” provinces (Alberta, Ontario, B.C. and Saskatchewan) would also welcome the idea of taking control of regional transfers away from Ottawa, to be negotiated among provinces.

The so-called “have-nots” (Quebec, Manitoba and the four Atlantic provinces) would resent having to plead for support which is now theirs by right from Ottawa and goes in only one direction -- up. But if the “haves” provided a firm guarantee of future support, the “have-nots” might accept it on the grounds that they gain greater say over how it’s spent.

Quebec would support the expansion of its own provincial powers, but would probably balk at equal representation of provinces in the Senate, as would the government of Ontario.

It would make for intense and interesting bargaining. In fact, the provinces would be creating Canada anew, as they did in the 1860s.

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