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A better way to fix Canada Print E-mail
Thursday, 01 December 2005

For instance, picture how much better Canada would work with…

An elected, equal and effective Senate

And not just elected -- senators elected by provincial parties, who don’t take orders from national party leaders in the House of Commons.

This would put federal governments under pressure they have never faced before.

For instance, as this is being written, the Martin government (with support from the NDP and Bloc) has pushed Bill C-11 through the House of Commons. The Bill purports to help civil servants report corruption such as the sponsorship scandal.

But in reality, as numerous experts and news media have pointed out, the new Bill will make it harder, not easier. It’s not designed to prevent a future sponsorship scandal from happening, only to prevent Canadians from hearing about it.

Bill C-11 is now before the Senate, which (in theory) has the constitutional power to veto it indefinitely.

However, the Senate won’t do so, because all senators are political appointees, and 65% of them are Liberals.

But if they were provincially elected, two-thirds would not be federal Liberals and they would not pass Bill C-11 without major improvements.

An amendment to the Constitution Act 1867 would force a permanent end to this ridiculous Senate charade.

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