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On October 20, 2003, the Citizens Centre, along with the Alberta Residents League,  launched an intensive province-wide campaign to promote the "Alberta Agenda".

Over the next year, radio ads, public meetings, media interviews, and government committee hearings would push the issue into public focus in Alberta.

Fall 2003
Citizens Centre Policy Report on an Alberta Pension Plan

October 20, 2003 -
Campaign Begins to Opt Alberta Out of the Canada Pension Plan

October 20, 2003

Alberta Pension Plan radio ads begin (Click below to hear ads)

Radio Ad 1
Radio Ad 2

October 21, 2003
Public Meeting in Grande Prairie to promote the Alberta Agenda

October 23, 2003
Public Meeting in Lethbridge

October 28, 2003
Public Meeting in Red Deer

October 30, 2003
Public Meeting in Calgary

November 2, 2003

"The Case for an Alberta Pension Plan", Calgary Herald

November 4, 2003
Public Meeting in Lloydminster

November 6, 2003
Public Meeting in Edmonton

November 6, 2003
Link Byfield's Speech on "A New Strategy for the West"

Read Report (pdf format 255 k)

November 17, 2003
Klein assembles MLA Committee on "Strengthening Alberta's Role in Confederation", which will examine the Alberta Agenda

November 18, 2003
National Post commentary on the Alberta Agenda

November 19, 2003
Link Byfield's commentary on an Alberta Pension Plan is carried nationally on CBC Radio (click this link to listen)

December 18, 2003
MLA committee to listen to Albertans on federal-provincial relations

December 19, 2003
National Post column: "Lunch with Alberta's Firewall Guys", by Elizabeth Nickson

January 12, 2004
The Alberta Agenda Campaign - Email Alberta Premier Ralph Klein

February 2, 2004
Radio ads begin on the Alberta Agenda and McClelland Committee hearings
-- Click below to hear ads

Radio Ad 1 Radio Ad 2

February 4, 2004
Medicine Hat News - McClelland Committee in Medicine Hat

February 5, 2004
Red Deer Advocate - Can Alberta lead a revival in Canada

July 5, 2004
Column by Ted Morton - "The Firewall's Looking Good Again"

July 29, 2004
Edmonton Journal - Billboard campaign targets Tory MLAs on 'Alberta agenda'

August 11, 2004 - CLIPPING
McClelland Report on the Alberta Agenda released

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