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An independent audit released in July 2004 found that Andre Ouellet, as Chairman and then President of Canada Post, ran up $2-million in expenses over eight years without providing receipts or any itemized account.
Although the Auditors and Canada Post had subsequently asked Mr. Ouellet to produce the receipts, he did not do so.

Instead, Ouellet sent a 17 page letter to the Minister responsible for Canada Post (John McCallum) defending his actions and claiming that he was operating on an "honor system" that did not require him to submit receipts for reimbursement.

In August 2004, Mr. Ouellet resigned from his post to a retirement pension of about $116,000 a year. Minister McCallum said he would leave it up to Canada Post's directors to deal with the matter of expenses if they want (the same board that allowed the undocumented expenses in the first place), and the government appeared intent on putting this regrettable episode behind them.

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