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Senate Reform
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Democracy functions properly only with "checks and balances." In Canada today, the courts are too strong, the prime minister is too strong, and the central government is too strong.

Meanwhile, the provinces have become too weak, and the premiers too politically dependent on federal money. Canada wasn't supposed to work this way, but it does now.

A reformed Senate--one that's democratically accountable to the people of the various provinces--would be a useful check on premiers and prime ministers.

And the only way to reform it is to keep electing senators, to force the issue.

In 2004, Link Byfield ran for Senator-elect in Alberta's provincial election.  His successful campaign has resulted in significant opportunities to continue to press for meaningful reform of Canada's parliamentary system.

For more background on Senate Reform and Link's senate campaign, click here to visit the archived campaign website
The Campaign Print E-mail
In 2004, Link Byfield ran in Alberta's provincial election as a candidate for Senator-elect in order to advocate the need for meaningful parliamentary reform.  Following his successful campaign, Link and the other Senators-elect have been actively promoting senate reform, both in Alberta and across the country.

For more information on the campaign, browse the archived campaign website by clicking here.
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