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Marriage Referendum
The Background PDF Print E-mail
A fundamental change to the legal meaning of marriage amounts to a constitutional change of great magnitude and importance. Nobody can honestly deny this.

As the Supreme Court acknowledged in December 2003, it affects both levels of government, private and public organizations across Canada, and individual Canadians.

So who should decide the answer?

There are three possible authorities: the courts, Parliament, or the people.

The Citizens Centre believes that the constitution belongs to the people and therefore the people should have the ultimate authority on this issue.

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The Campaign PDF Print E-mail
Whether you support or oppose licensing homosexual marriage, one thing is clear: Canadians have strong opinions on both sides of this issue.  Yet they never got to speak.

Because the Citizens Centre believes that the constitution belongs to the people, and that fundamental changes in public policy must be decided by the public -- certainly not by unaccountable judges, nor even necessarily by elected politicians, the Citizens Centre launched a national campaign in January 2004 to have the definition of marriage put to a national referendum.

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